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People before profit

Posted by on May 7, 2003

Letter to Editor of the Victoria Times Colonist, 7 May 2003

Re: Letters, “Harper Speakers for Most Canadians,” May 7.

“Canadianess” is not only defined in terms of opposition to US foreign policy. In many areas of social policy, Canadians have succeeded in forcing their governments to act in the common interest. Universal Medicare is the most notable example, an example that Stephen Harper and the Canadian Alliance seem hell-bent on destroying (along with our misleaders in the provincial Legislature).

The entrenched two-party system in the United States has consistently acted as a barrier to social progress. The Conservative-Reform-Alliance shuffle in recent years represents an attempt by vested interests to re-establish a two-party system in Canada. The twin parties of business have traded power in Ottawa since 1867. Isn’t this long enough?

Jean Chretien’s position on Iraq represents an attempt to out-flank the sleeping giant of Canadian politics: an independent people’s party committed to the principle that people are more important than profits, and that cooperation – both internationally and at home – must triumph over a greed-driven, war-ridden system.

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